Do you need someone to take you to the DMV drive test? Do you want to go with confidence to pass your BTW test? You don’t have to interrupt family and friends schedule no more to take you to your DMV drive test, sign up with us and go with one of our professional instructors in our vehicle, we can help you with your DMV appointments schedule. Most importantly we do NOT charge you extra for a longer wait time at the DMV on your test day to complete your BTW test, it is one flat rate, and our professional instructors will boost your driving skills to help you pass.

* We will do one hour of FREE driving trainings before the test to brush up your skills and get you ready for your drive test.

* Includes Free pick-up and drop-offs at your location. .

* We don’t rush you all you pay is only one flat rate no wait time fees or any extra charges for taking longer time to finish your BTW test at the DMV on the test day.